Fleet Training

What are the benefits of fleet driver training?

The benefits of carrying out a driver training programme are many and wide reaching. The main benefits are:

  • Fuel saving

With fuel prices rising above £1.30 per litredrivers that have been trained to use the ECO driving style can use 10 to 15% less fuel then drivers without ECO driver training.

  • Insurance savings

After fleet driver training, drivers are less likely to be involved in a collision. The less insurance claims you make, the cheaper your insurance will be.

  • Maintenance savings

Driving in a safe and fuel efficient manner will reduce the stress put on the vehicles, therefore reducing the number of breakdowns and in turn the maintenance costs.

  • Reduced driver stress

A comfortable driver is a safer driver. Drivers that are placed under unnecessary stress are therefore more likely to be involved in a collision and off work with a stress related illness.

  • Enhanced company image

The combination of safer, happier drivers and a more efficient and environmentally friendly fleet will help to enhance your company image.

  • Duty of care

After you have started a training programme you can rest assured that you are carrying out your duty of care to your employees and the public. You will have identified risk areas and provided appropriate training in those fields.

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Fleet Risk Assessment & Training Courses for

Car drivers

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Further information

If you would like further information or the opportunity to talk about your requirements on fleet driver training please contact

Richard Barclay DSA Registered Fleet Trainer

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