Choosing your instructor

Some people learn to drive with friends and relatives but with the busy traffic and complex rules on modern roads it’s wise for all new drivers to have some lessons with a professional instructor, even if they have an opportunity to drive at home.
When looking for an instructor (in the UK and Ireland) you need to make sure that the person you choose is a qualified ADI (Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor).
It is illegal for anyone who is not an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) to charge a fee for driving tuition. If your Driving Instructor is not Displaying A Badge in Their Windscreen ask them to show it to you if they cannot show you there Badge Get out of The Car take The Car Registration Number and Report them to The DSA and Police If you knowingly pay money to an unlicensed instructor you could also be liable for aiding an offence.
Approved Driving Instructors have passed a searching examination in order to demonstrate their skills; they are also checked and graded regularly and have undergone a Criminal Records Check. You can recognise an ADI because he/she will display a green badge in the tuition vehicle’s front windscreen (this must be displayed by law while teaching).
Grading ranges from ‘1’ to ‘6’. The highest grade is ‘6’ and the minimum acceptable grade is ‘4’. Instructors who have a grade of ‘3’ or lower are under review and risk having their tuition licences revoked due to poor teaching practice.
Approved instructors are issued with a certificate which shows their grade, they should be happy to show this if asked. If your instructor is reluctant to show you his grading certificate when asked, you might be well advised to consider someone else.

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